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PROJECT - Sean Pereira's race kart build

PROJECT - Sean Pereira's race kart build

Following on from Sean's Drift-Style kart conversion, we're now treated to his latest project - a new race-style kart.

"And so it begins"



Torque converter mounted! After our chats, I figured I'd make 2 bracing brackets to limit plate flex, apart from having to completely remove and refit the axle assembly, it went really well. Had near perfect chain tension, dead on alignment and free-spin by hand so it should be all lined up.

Fitted the cover to the converter, but might remove if the seat shields it. Will get a second chain and make it to suit a 55 tooth sprocket, ahead of needing it. At present, this thing should snap necks with take off acceleration, but probably won't be too fast overall

Could you do a quick check of how I connected the accelerator cable? Not 100% on it

Wired in a old jet fighter switch, and plate for the rippem' gauge

So, only really the seat, bleed brakes and run fuel lines to go!

Rather than reweld the seat supports, might just use the tube clamps and arms you sell.

Depending on the seat, might change out the exhaust pipe to one of those fandangled ones you sell that bends up and carries over the top of the rocket cover

I don't say it enough, but many thanks for your help during these adventures!