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PROJECT - Sean Pereira's Drift-Style Kart Conversion

PROJECT - Sean Pereira's Drift-Style Kart Conversion

This is where it all started for Sean Pereira - his 'drift kart' style kart with a GX270.  The thread below details his progress as he creates a bombed-out GX270 performance weapon utilising our TCCX torque converter and our engine performance parts.  Keep an eye on this thread for updated and additions.

Here's a bit of a run-down of the man behind this build:

Name: Sean Pereira
What is this awesome thing you've built? 
A money puddle, I've built a money puddle
Why did you decide to build this project?
Ha! It wasn't fast enough in stock form, and had a tendency to roll over
What are you going to do with it when it's finished?
Slip, slide and spin. I can't see it going straight too often!
Why did you buy your parts from CPR?
Paul is a wealth of knowledge, his prices are in line with US suppliers (once shipping and conversion and charges are added) so why not buy local and if he doesn't have something for sale, or you've seen something on YouTube you can't find yourself, he will and then sell it to you for a great price!
What was the best thing about the CPR parts you used?
The parts show up, and fit! Seriously, there's a lot of different model engines etc. out there, it's no small relief that after you wait for something to come through the post, it is good to fit off and you can start playing right away
What other motorsport stuff are you into?
A lot, but my budget / lifestyle gimps my tastes! Go Karting is the sweet spot for the dollars to fun ratio



















Money Puddle Mk.II update

So, thought I'd send a few pics, she's a roller and on a strictly 'theoretically' level, the wiring is done!

Sorry but had to share, was way to proud of my terrible joke.