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PROJECT Mick Hynes Drift Trike

PROJECT Mick Hynes Drift Trike

TC123442 Torque Converter Drift Trike

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As Paul has stated , Drift trikes are extremly tough on Centrifigal clutches so thought i would lash out and buy the TC1234 converter kit, kit was well packaged and of course was here the next day after ordering, very easy to instal after looking at CPR,s install vid, the biggest job was the pre-fitment mods i had to do, move rear disc brake assembly, move axle sprocket, make a raised/angled engine mount, after mods were done the actual kit went on VERY quickly.

The engine mount i made was from (2 pieces) 100mm x 120mm x 6mm flat and a bit of box 100mm x 50mm, all up materials cost $5, made mount to a 15 degree angle to clear rear sprocket nicely, was just a "quicky" weld together for a try but knowing me it will be now permanent-heheheh, i redrilled backplate 4 mounting holes to get TC as level looking as possible and added a hole to bolt rear backing plate to an exsisting threaded hole on GX200 Clone below exhaust for some "pull down under load" prevention.

The 4 supplied backing plate bolts for MY engine were a tad short so i bought 5mm longer, i believe i may need a 5mm or more longer crankshaft bolt as well since my bolt only enters crank threads by a few mm, would HATE for that front drive pulley to disengage under hi revs, Paul advises that we should also use a drop of BLUE loctite on this bolt.

The only prob i had was that i made engine mount LEVEL on the bench and it wasnt till after i sat welded mount on trike that i realised the top of mount WASNT level with rear axle which would put a bit of strain on the chain, so put a long spirit level across top of rear tyres and slightly packed uderneatneath wheels till axle was dead level (crappy concrete floor) then checked the ORIGINAL engine mount base plate, AHA, it was never welded level from the factory, it was out of level quite a few degress- no wonder chain was ALWAYS noisy. Modded newly made engine mount with a cut off wheel gap and rewelded. ALL GOOD.

The Difference..... YAHOO, engine can now slow or fast idle without trike trying to take off without its rider, BE CAREFUL on the first few times you go to move off or get into position cause if you hit that throttle a tad to hard trike will be all crossed up, this TC kit has amazing low down power ( hence the word Torque ), the power supply to the rear drive is a lot broader than it was with a OFF or ON centrifigal clutch so VERY easy to do BIG drifts in total control or tight little figure 8,s. Cant notice any difference to top end speed but the industrial area i often go to on a Sunday isnt that long and i dont REALLY want to risk running into a brick wall just for a "speed" test.

Conclusion.... LOVE IT.

P.S try half a bottle cap of Castrol R40 in the fuel tank, gives that amazing old racing fuel smell and acts as a upper cylinder lube.
Thank you so much Paul for suggesting this kit.