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GUIDE - EMTC8832 Engine Mount assembly & install

GUIDE - EMTC8832 Engine Mount assembly & install

a. Fit the 4x M8x50 Socket Head bolts through the top plate from the underside, place one nylon spacer, one ring, one oversized M8 washer and lightly wind one nyloc on each bolt loosely – enough to retain the bolts
c. Assemble the engine mount (may already be assembled)

d. Place the shorter section C under the top plate at the front and attach using the middle-sized G bolts
e. Place the longer section E under the top plate at the rear and attach using the longest I side bolts
f. There is no need to attach the brackets B & D at this stage – this will be done when the engine is placed on the chassis. If your mount is pre-assembled you will need to remove bracket B and D by remove F & H bolts.

g. Remove the four nylocs holding the fit kit in place on the top plate then place the engine over the mount – line up the bolts with the 4 holes in the engine base plate.
h. Replace the nuts, using 4 M8 machine washers and then tighten the engine to the mount.

Place the engine onto the chassis, tilted forward.

g. e. Fit the underside brackets (B & D in the picture earlier in this step using F & H bolts. Do not tighten, you will need to move the engine backward and forwards to tension)

l. Fit the M8 throttle cable mount to the vertical bracket next to the front sidepod bar mount on the right of the kart by removing the adjustment nut, screwing into the bracket from the rear of the kart through to the front, then fitting the adjustment nut and tighten.

m. Push the throttle cable through the M8 throttle cable mount until the sheath butts up against it.

n. Fit a terminating clamp to the cable then run the cable through the loop on top of the accelerator pedal.

o. Run the cable back on itself and back through the terminating clamp. Tighten the clamp

p. Install the sprocket on the sprocket hub using the 6x M6x25 countersunk bolts, 6x M6 countersunk washers, 6x M6 Machine washers, and 6x M6 nyloc nuts.

q. Lay the chain out on the bench, then find the master link. Remove the master link with pliers by pushing the circlip away from the opening of the circlip. Remove the chain plate under the circlip and disconnect the chain.

r. Run the chain around the sprocket and over the clutch. If it is too long, remove links and then re-install (link removal can be found in our guides section on our website)

s. Re-fit the master link.

t. Push the engine forward to tension the chain – the chain should have 10-15mm deflection at the centre of the span between the centre of the engine output shaft and the centre of the rear axle shaft.

u. Tighten the bolts in the bottom brackets under the mount.

v. Wind the engine stopper out and forward so it rests against the engine mount. Then tighten it in place by tightening the lock nut on the engine stopper bolt.