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Racing Lawn Mower Project

Racing Lawn Mower Project

Racing Lawn Mower Project


OK. So this is one of my projects. (the other is a racing Kart that i am rebuilding using a GX200 clone engine)

I have purchased myself a used ride on lawn mower. One Greenfield Annivarsary 12-32. It came with no motor or cutting deck, which is good as i didn't need them.

I got myself a 25hp Briggs Intek from Mower Accessories in Burleigh Heads.

I now have to modify the mower for racing. Heaps of info available online, but most from USA.

so, modifications needed.
1. modify and mount engine. have to run a throttle cable straight to the butterfly. might use CPR's GX200 throttle kit for that with custom foot pedal. (ENTMKC)

2. lower front end. lucky the front wheel use 6203 bearings. which have a 17mm ID. so i will be using CPR's project arrow stub axles for this. (STACPRJ)
3. lower rear axle and add brakes. not sure yet where to go with this as the original axle is 1" (25.4mm) I think a 40mm axle kit would be great, but maybe overkill. 1 1/4" (30mm) solid axles are the usual upgrade, but then i have to change rear wheels or make new hubs to fit (with the 40mm kit too). if i can bore out the current hubs to take a 30mm axle, i'll do that. if not.... which ever way i go, i have to add a suitable disc carrier and disc and sprocket carrier. (maybe BPKC36)
4. Add a kart seat. lowered on the chassis for better centre of gravity. they also hold you better than the old mower seat. (SEAC04)

various other minor mods and additions. then go race. :)

pics to follow.


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this is someone elses mower, but the same as mine. and hopfully how mine turns out.
greenfield racer.JPG

Re: Racing Lawn Mower Project

this is the mower as bought.