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PROJECT - Paul Shedden's Nitrous Deltek Bike

PROJECT - Paul Shedden's Nitrous Deltek Bike

Are you keen to ride this Nitrous boosted Deltek Mini Bike?

When you ask Paul Shedden what he thinks of when you say "Deltek mini bike" his eyes become 1980's oversized marbles and you can almost see fireworks inside them.  That's because he's immediately transported to a place of insane power with no weight.  Mixed in somewhere amongst Paul's horespower laboratory thoughts is a little tank full of happy gas - not for consumption by him - he's already happy enough, but for consumption by the over-powered engine he's already determined how to fit inside the tiny frame of the bike.  It's enough to scare you just thinking about it.

But the reality is, Paul's actually gone ahead and built this recepie.  For real!  And it's just as intimidating as expected - with a little more noise.  Paul's bike is something that, if you're ever offered a ride, you need to consider your wife and family before you jump on board.  .... and probably sign some sort of waiver!

How did we get here, I know you're asking.  Well, as with most of these sorts of projects, beer and mates were involved in the concoction and peer pressure most likely motivated the group to go that little bit further.  Want to know more about Paul?  Here's a run-down on the man behind this tiny but mighty little beast:

What is this awesome thing you've built?
Deltek Rockhopper.
With a electric start,efi , and custom nitrous kit.
Why did you decide to build this project?
I have about 20 mates with them and a few times a year we all get to together have a BBQ Bonfire and Beers and race around a grass paddock . 5 or 6 Bikes at a time.
What is still left to do to finish it?
Nothing really .
Happy with it for now.
What are you going to do with it when it's finished?
Probably more engine work .
Why did you buy your parts from CPR?
The great range price and service. 
What was the best thing about the CPR parts you used?
Quality of parts is great and plenty of online info and over the phone help.
What other motorsport stuff are you into?
Harley's new and old .....
Hotrods and fast street cars.