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PSCC1 New Age2 Plastic front\side pods

PSCC1 New Age2 Plastic front\side pods

PSCC1 New Age2 Plastic front\side pods
When I first start building this Kart I didn't think I was going to go "all out" and make it look like a race Kart.... I purely made it for recreation.

Turns out that there are a few tracks around my area (I live in Melbourne) who will allow me to take it for a run. For those looking around... There's one in Somerton... "Silhouette Kart". They charge $40 per day and you can race your kart in between the hire Karts. There's also a bigger more open tack in Stony Creek... called "Stony Creek Go Karts". These guys charge $35 per day (again you only race in between the hire Karts). I'm yet to try both however.....

Both places told me that I cannot run my Kart unless it has the pods.... and when you look around... they're very expensive.

I purchased the CPR New age pods which are identical (in shape) to the CRG NA2 ones. I was worried that they were going to be soft, thin and poor quality. After speaking with Paul, he promised that they would as good as quality as the big brands.... I must say, when I received them I was very relieved. They were\are MUCH BETTER than I expected. I'm really glad I bought these rather than the other brands (almost double the cost).

CRG also have the sticker kits available if you wanted your Kart to "look" original, but they are very expensive. I've seen the sticker kit cost between $259 -> $310. This is more than the plastics. I've not put any stickers on mine yet.

I haven't completed mounting the pod as I have to build all my own crash bars to fit my frame, but I've included some pics to help you see what they look like. I made a point to show the underside of the kit so you can see how good they are.