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Contact Details

Contact Details

Phone (hours 9am to 3.30pm Mon-Fri)

Response time: IMMEDIATE (within the hours stated below) [Missed calls will be returned within 1hr MAX during work hours] - Messages left outside working hours will be returned within the first 2 hours of the following business day (Mon-Fri).

Call Paul on 0425 899 222

Phone hours are between 9am-3.30pm weekdays (excluding Fridays). You are welcome to try Paul outside these hours.

If you can't get through, please leave a message and Paul will call you back as soon as he is in the office.

If your enquiry is urgent, it's much better to contact Paul by email.

Email [[email protected]][email protected][/url]or to ensure your email is not blocked by our spam filters use the secure CONTACT US form in this website

Response Time: FAST (within phone hours) - GOOD (outside phone hours)

*NOTE: Emails sent within working hours will be attended to within 1hr MAX. If sent outside working hours you will receive a response within 24hrs at the latest.

Email is generally attended to very regularly inside and outside phone hours, 7 days a week.

If you've emailed Paul and hasn't responded to you within a day, he probably didn't get your email. Try using the CONTACT US form in this website, or resend your email.

Postal Address

PO Box 5136

Alexandra Hills

QLD 4161