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BKHC04 Race style brake calliper - PART 1

BKHC04 Race style brake calliper - PART 1

BKHC04 Race style bake calliper - PART 1
When making my home made Kart I was really concerned about being able to get good brakes and an affordable price. I was going to get the cheaper kit but after a lot of reading I decided that the race type calliper and Master cylinder would be better.

I noticed a few things with this kit. I had to make the bracket to mount it onto the Kart Chassis... this is well documented on CPRs site so theres no surprises there.

I didn't get bolts.. (I just assumed it came with them)... but upon checking, I confirmed that the website clearly doesn't state that bolts are included... so I was fine with this also.

The one problem I did noticed was the hydraulic lines were twisted out of the box... this made it very hard to mount the master cylinder once the calliper was in place. My only option was to unbolt the lines, untwist them, then bolt them back on. Unfortunately when putting them back on, I had a leak everytme the brake was engaged. I was confident I didn't damage seals, as they come with metal washers. So I couldn't work out how it happened... None the less, I had some fibro washers that fit perfectly, so I determined from what point the leak was and added the fibro washer.... No leaks.

In terms of braking performance... I'm very happy. It works very well and I'm very glad I spent the little bit extra to get the better braking capacity.
Home made aluminium bracket. 100mm solid aluminium. Light and strong.