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NORAM GE Spring Replacement

We do not have any illustrations on how to spring a clutch. The best description I can give you is this: we use the "lever and fulcrum" technique.

Lay the clutch rotor (the shoes, springs and hub assy. as one unit) on a work table. With a long-nose pliers (sometimes called a needle-nose pliers), pull out the old springs. Be sure to observe the direction they are coiled, as you will have to imitate the same direction when you put in the new ones.

Obtain an ice-pick, or an awl. Anything with a long shank and a pointed tip. In a worst-case scenario, a long, thin screwdriver will do.

Hook one end of the spring in by hand. That of course is easy to do.

Now, with the other hook around the shank of the awl or ice-pick, put the pointed end of the awl into the hole of the other clutch shoe.

You are going to STRETCH the spring by pushing the awl AWAY from you. It is the "lever." The "fulcrum" is the inside of the hole which the awl tip fits into.

It helps to have two people do this. When the hook is over the hole of the other shoe, the other person can GENTLY tap it into the hole with a hammer. Don't MASH it in, that could wreck the spring.

Now you have to do it with the other two springs, the same way.

There is a spring puller tool, if you do not want to do it this way, from Target Distributing, whose website is <www.targetdistributing.net>. Look for the spring pulling tool. That is another way if you do not want to do this.

Greg Mangan

Or, try this:
1. Remove snap ring at sprocket end of clutch.
2. Press out hub assembly.
3. Remove old springs - use needle nose pliers.
4. Insert new springs. The springs ends are different. Insert the spring end that is squared off into one shoe. The end that is pointed goes in second. Grab the spring with needle nose pliers and insert into other hole.
5. Press the hub into the drum, install snap ring.