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GUIDE - RT Go Kart Brakes Assembly

GUIDE - RT Go Kart Brakes Assembly

Hydraulic Brakes Installation.

Hydraulic Brakes

1 Piece assembled (Master, 2x Lines, Calliper).

*FIT KIT Hydraulic Brake Fitting Kit


a. Fit the calliper to the vertical rear calliper bracket on the left side of the kart beside the outer bearing axle bracket. Slide the calliper over the disc.

b. Adjust the disc by loosening the hub locking bolts and sliding the disc sideways until it is central within the calliper.

c. Tighten the hub locking nuts.

d. Using the two M8x20mm bolts, push each bolt through the bracket, then through an M8 washer and screw into the calliper (see below). Tighten.



e. Run the master through the opening between the seat brackets and the chassis rail.

f. Fix the master to the outer side of the bracket beside the seat using the two M8x50mm Square head bolts.

g. Push the bolts through the master from the outside, then through the master bracket, then secure using the two M8 Nyloc nuts. Tighten. h. Fix the line to the seat uprights with the three zip ties provided. *NOTE, the new model kart does not

Well Done!  You've completed the Hydraulic Brake installation!