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PROJECT - Emil's Billycart Evolution 1978-2019

PROJECT - Emil's Billycart Evolution 1978-2019

Emil has recently purchased a bunch of parts to modernise his billy cart - and now it's certainly back to the future!

The billy cart is virtually completed and almost ready for a test rum. Just need the 40wheel spacers which are on the way and two brake cables which I will have on Thursday.

My current billycart which I am very happy with has evolved from – see below.

Thank you for all your help. I will certainly tell anyone who wants to know where I got my parts from


Steering Wheel and ROPE
• Hand brake on RHS pneumatic tyre
• My Son Peter is pilot




Steering Wheel and Tie rods
• Hand brake on RHS pneumatic tyre. Clocked at 50 km/hr – I was younger and less wise!
• Now I just have less hair




Go Kart steering and wheel components
• Hand brake on both rear bicycle pneumatic tyre wheel rim. Awaiting, for cables to get delivered!
• Lower end of steering column fitted with a ball bearing



Go Kart steering and wheel components
• Toe-in not yet adjusted


Apart from a few coats of paint, my billycart is all done. I have had 5 test runs and so far highest speed attained is 47.2 km/hr. This more to do with me applying brakes to ensure that bumper bar not tested by kerb at end of road than maximum speed cart will do. 😊😊😊

During that run:
• Toe-in = 1-2 degrees
• Caster = 3-4 degrees
• Camber = 3 degrees
• Tie rods moved to slot which gives LEAST front wheels turn for a given steering wheel rotation. Lock2lock = 96 degrees and INSIDE wheel turn = 18 degrees
• GPS Speedo mounted on steering wheel
• Dash-cam camera mounted top of rear wing on driver LHS
• Steering damper not in place. Damper selected from steering dampers available for motor bikes and is adjustable for damping level – Soft to Hard

Bench testing of steering damper suggest that it should all but eliminate wobbles
• Planning to do many test runs this week-end

Installing bicycle disk brakes on front go kart wheels has proven to be a bit of a nightmare!

But they work very nicely.

The process of machining and fitting all the parts which I could not purchase required wheels off and back on many times. This has meant that nyloc wheel nuts are now not so effective and I will be replacing them with new ones shortly.

Holes in front brake pedal are to reduce DRAG.