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GUIDE - BKCC02 Cable Brake System Install

GUIDE - BKCC02 Cable Brake System Install

This quick guide explains how to install the BKCC02 Mechanical Brake system available in our store by clicking here.

The BKCC02 mechanical brake system is a superior design similar to the KSI mechanical brake system, but with better pads and a lower over-all cost of ownership.

The BKCC02 cable will fit both systems out of the box and as such can be used as a replacement for the KSI system if you have one of those already.

To Fit the BKCC02, first dis-assemble the brake cable by removing the inner from the black plastic sheath.

The supplied cylinders are not used for the standard install with the BKCC02 calliper.  These are only required for KSI cable replacement.

There are two rotating cylinders on each arm of the BKCC02 mechanical calliper.  The outer ones will provide more braking power but require more pedal travel.  The inner ones offer less feel but with less pedal travel. 

On each cylinder you will see a hole on one side, and a concave inset on the other.  Feed the cable through the desired cylinder, entering through the side of the cylinder with the recess.  Then feed it through the opposite arm's hole so that it exists throught the recess on the other arm's clinder.

Feed the sheath back onto the cable inner so that it seats in the cylinder recess where the brake cable exits.

Here is a picture of the BKCC02 mounted to an upright, with the cable installed:

A seat like our TTC04 cable seat or some type of stopper to retain the sheath needs to be installed at the pedal end.  The sheath needs to be about 50mm too long for the distance between the BKCC02 Mechanical Calliper arm it rests into through to the stopper so that it can flex straight when operating the brake system.  This straight flex will operate the attached arm.

Mount the seat or stopper at the front of the kart, if using TTC04 cable seat you will need an upright tab welded in place with an 8mm hole drilled through.  The seat then fits the hole and the supplied nut is screwed into place to secure the TTC04 cable seat.

The cable can be secured to the pedal with a cable clamp such as our TRMCS cable clamp.  The cable is fed through the TRMCS cable clamp, then through a loop on the pedal, then back through the TRMCS cable clamp and the clamp is then tightened.

Here is a mock up of the TTSC04 cable seat in a vice:

When the pedal pulls on the inner cable, it will operate the calliper as shown in the two videos below: