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GUIDE - CPR ST1 Engine Leaking Fuel

GUIDE - CPR ST1 Engine Leaking Fuel

Is your CPR 10hp Engine (ENCLST1_12 or similar) leaking fuel from the air filter, dripping fuel from the carb, or otherwise just running rich?

Usually what happens with this type of motor is that the stock vacuum pump is very high quality and can begin to overwhelm the float regulator in the carb – sometimes they do it from the factory, sometimes they do it after a period of time, and sometimes they never do it at all. Basically the pressure given out of the pump becomes too great for the carb to retain, and it allows the fuel through components of the carb that are designed to equalise the air. You’ll often see the fuel coming out of the front of the carb, or dripping from the air filter.

The easiest and most effective fix is to tap the line back to the tank for a return. Sometimes a new carb will solve the issue too, but it’s often a bit difficult to ensure this will work – whereas the return line always works.

You’ll just need a T piece to tap the fuel line between the pump and the carb, some line, and perhaps a fitting for your tank, depending on the tank you’re running of course.

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