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PROJECT - Turbo Charged Go Kart

PROJECT - Turbo Charged Go Kart

Postby DanielLehmann » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:02 am

Here are a couple of photos of my 6.5hp electric start Lifan turbo charged engine. I built this turbo set up on a stock standard engine as a trial to see how the engine would behave with the turbo installed. Running a draw though set up with a mukini 26mm carburetor. Electric oil pump suppling the turbo with oil and an electric fuel pump with regulator. All manifolds and brackets have been made as there is nothing what so ever on the market.

The combination has worked fantasticly. The engine starts and ilders when hot or cold. Plenty of pull out of the corners and revs out down the straights. The engine isnt currently making big horsepower or making big boost as i am currently only running stock inturnals purely as a trial.

Now that i know that the engine will run beautifully with the turbo installed. I have ordered inturnals to make the engine produce more power, make it a stronger engine and generate more boost