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Gift certificate

Know someone who's addicted to karting? 

It's not easy trying to find the right parts for your special ones, so we've got just what you need!  A gift voucher solves everything! 

Stop worrying about what to buy, and start enjoying the smile you're about to put on their face! 

A CPR Gift Voucher can be redeemed immediately (electronic version - emailed) or you can opt for a physical voucher to be posted in the mail. You'll love the way we present your physical gift voucher if you choose the posted option - we'll laminate the modern and slick design and shoot it out to you with our same-day dispatch promise - it will be the best gift you've ever given and you'll know you got just the right thing! 

Just fill in the details below and pop your voucher into your cart, checkout and you've just become the most favourite person in someone's life!


Gift certificate details

1. Who are you sending this to?
The gift certificate will include the sender's name, the recipient's name and a message.
From *
To *
2. Add a message
Enter the text that the recipient will see in the email
3. Choose an amount
Specify the amount in currency.
$ * Allowed values: from $10.00
4. Choose a delivery method
Enter the email address of the person you are sending the gift certificate to.
Email *

Enter the postal address of the person you are sending the gift certificate to.
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