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PROJECT Deon Steven's Race Karts

PROJECT Deon Steven's Race Karts

Deon Stevens has helped craft a group of performing race karts, driven by his sons and others in northern QLD.  Deon's can-do and easy-going attitude, along with some strategically positioned CPR components has produced success out on the track.  Have a look at what he's helped create below.  


Deon's CPR Stickered race kart:



Aidan (Cadet)

Aiden acheived 3rd outright at the NQ Series in 2019




Luke Stevens (KA4 Jnr)



Ricky (Yamaha SNR) 


Jake (Yamaha SNR)

 "The boys done good on Saturday at the Alphacool NQ sprints.  Here is their trophy haul!  They getting a collection and that from this year only pretty proud of the boys





 And Deon's new trailer - with his awesome self-applied white paint-job:


A great days racing at the Robb Harrison Memorial in Townsville.

Had 3 karts entered for the meet with Jake in the Yamaha snr class blowing his motor up in practice so that was it for the day didn`t even make a start but that`s racing,Luke in the KA4 jnr clas had big improvement on his driving with qly on 7 , with heat 1 and 2 silly mistakes and DAD getting gearing wrong didn`t do so good but then heat 3 made big gains, in the final he ended up bringing home in 7th without some rumbing and been forced of tracked big improvement for Luke.

Then we had Adain in the cadet 12,qly we were on the money Adain and Tyler O'connor were in a different postcode with .995 to the closest competitor and with only ,140 between the 2.So all the heats and final it was between the 2 with Tyler having the edge and taking out all heats and final. and Adain setting the fastest lap in the final.

a great 2nd place Overall the team had a great day