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PROJECT-Inter-School Go Kart Challenge

PROJECT-Inter-School Go Kart Challenge

At CPR Kart Parts, we're often asked about our motivations in the industry we're in.  One of our major focuses is to support initiatives that provide fun and safe venues for kids (and big kids) to race.  That's why we're heavily involved with the majority of family-focussed clubs around Austraila.  We also support opportunities for kids and students and young adults to encourage responsible racing, like the Inter-School Go Kart Challenge.


Each year, Andrew Devoy from Marist College Ashgrove in Brisbane co-ordinates a brilliant curriculum segway running the inter-school go kart challenge.  There are currently 7 schools from around Brisbane competing in the challenge, offering students hands-on classroom based kart-design and manucture - providing an exciting and practical learning experience with a dash of good old fashioned fun when, at the end of the year, they assemble at the Ipswich City Dirt Kart Club venue to decide who has built the fastest and most reliable kart during the year.

Needless to say, Andrew's own words are "We never struggle to get students to turn up to class" and we're not surprised!  I wish Andrew was runnig this awesome program when I was at school!

Each group of students reverse engineer a race-kart chassis, reproducing one of their own design and then bolting on CPR Kart Parts components to create their own individual custom made race kart.

This year the schools presented 11 immaculate hand-bult karts for judging by industry professionals and then set off to compete on the awesome ICDKC circuit.  Watch the video below as they "START THEIR ENGINES!" and run a few laps.

You can read more about Andrew's first kart assembly project here: https://cutpriceracing.com.au/store/Go-Kart-School-Challenge/

Scroll down for pictures of the student karts up close and personal.