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SRAC2G Tie Rods and steering

SRAC2G Tie Rods and steering

SRAC2G Tie Rods and steering
Since I was making a home Kart, I was going to make my own tie rods. In fact I had some old pipe lying around and welded some bolts that I had. I went to bunnings and purchased some turnbuckles and it all worked.... HOWEVER... They didn't look very good. I also made a steering shaft and it all would've functioned ok....

In the end, I really did want something that I could liken to a proper Kart and I found this very affordable kit on the CPRs website.

It also comes with all the colour coded cup washers, which really make the Kart look great.

The boss kit is made what looks like to be cast aluminium (I could be wrong). The good thing with buying this full kit was that all the holes lined up perfectly. The Boos, fits the shaft, the shaft fitted perfectly with the Tie rods... and so on.

I noticed that when I put the whole kit together, the wheels didn't turn at the same. It looked rally odd... and it became a real stumbling block for me. I did alot of reading and discovered that this is normal. It's called the Ackerman... and infact found a whole bunch of info in the CRP forum. Although it looks odd, when I'm driving the Kart, it turns really well. I'd recommend reading up to learn more.

I've inlcuded a pic of the old "home made" set and the new ones.
CPR tie rods
Home made tie rods