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SPR##5S Aligning #35 Split Sprockets

SPR##5S Aligning #35 Split Sprockets

SPR##5S Aligning #35 Split Sprockets
Just bought a #35 sprocket and having trouble with chains not fitting properly?
It could be that your sprocket is mis-aligned. Split sprockets are not generally two identical halves, and do need to be joined back together in the correct orientation.

The factory generally makes this process easy by providing an index mark / aligning mark on each of the halves which provide a reference for the completed sprocket.

Simply find the two reference marks (usually a line indent) - one on each half. Then orient those so that the meet each other.


You should see two small divets/lines as per the picture above. There are only 2 of these – one on each half. When the sprockets are arranged so that the line on each of the sprockets meet then you have it correctly oriented.


Sometimes there may be movement in the mounting holes on your sprocket hub, or the hole spacing may not be perfect.  In these cases, it is possible to orientate the sprocket correctly but still find it does not meet up on either side.  To fix this problem, only tightlen the nuts finger ticht, so that the sprocket is held in place but not tightened.  This allows the sprocket to move around when a chain is fitted.

Go ahead and fit your chain, and then rotate the transmission (sprocket/chain/engine) slowly and watch the sprocket move.  Eventually the sprocket should move to a point in it's rotation that meshes correctly.  When this happens, stop rotating the chian and then tighten the botls on the sprocket fully.

You are now done.  Enjoy your new correclty installed transmission!