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DIY Dirt / Fun Kart

DIY Dirt / Fun Kart

I've always wanted to learn how to weld and have had the idea of building my own kart bubbling at the back of my brain for a number of years. Since I'm at a point in my life where I can actually indulge some of my wants, I decided to actually do something as opposed to dreaming about it.

The original plan was for an electric kart for the kids, this evolved into a bigger more powerful electric kart for the kids & me and now its a petrol powered Fun Kart for me. I have all the bits for the electric kart, its just been put on the back burner so the kids are only missing out for a month or so :)

The kart design is loosely based on a standard box frame design with a modified frontend to make it less boxy.

The frame is constructed from 30x30x2 SHS and fully welded around all edges. I'll be welding gussets into all the corners for extra strength, its probably overkill but I'm after the welding experience and it can't hurt.

While the frame is being built from scratch, I've taken the easy route and purchsed the following from CPR to make life easier and for portability if I decide to redesign and build a new frame:

Complete 40mm rear axle kit with bearing hangers
Complete steering assembly with tie rods / steering wheel etc
Hydraulic Brake (master cylinder & caliper)
Electric Start Lifan 6.5HP with #35P 12tooth dry clutch & 74tooth rear sprocket + chain
XXL Racing Seat, support bars and mounting kit

I'll add anything I missed later on. The wheels are Duro Dirt tyres, fronts are 11x5x5, rears are 12x8x6.

I've started work on the frame and slowly chip away at it during the week when I can. Below are some shots of my progress so far. I'll put a proper frame plan up at some point.

photo 1a.jpg

photo 2a.jpg

photo 3a.jpg

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Looking Good :D

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Got some more work done on the kart yesterday arvo welding up the front end. I'll finish that off this afternoon hopefully and post a progress pic.

After some thought and much deliberation as to how and where I'm going to use the kart when its built, I decided that a Torque Converter would be a good idea versus the dry clutch as it would give me a much better range of speed usage rather than mostly flat out so as not to burn out the clutch. After poking around various forums I decided on the GTC TC2 1001 unit.

Its currently winging its way to me and I'll post detailed photos of how I mount the beast onto the Lifan.

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Got a little bit more welding done on the front end yesterday and some grinding as well to smooth out some of my more excessive welds :D .

Will be finishing off the front this afternoon and will try and get the backend bearing hangers and front spindle brackets on. If that goes smoothly I'll try and get the seat mounts sorted out as well.

photo 4a.jpg

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Some afternoon progress pics..

Finally finished the front end. The spindle brackets are on a 10deg angle to accommodate the CPR spindles and have some beefy welding around all the edges. Got the rear bearing carriers on as well, they're designed for round piping, but have plenty of big long straight edges to weld onto SHS. I welded the interior edge as well so these aren't moving anytime soon. Soon as my big bag-o of gussets arrive I'll reenforce the sides just to be on the safe side.

Next on the list of things to do is get the seat mounting done, may do that this arvo, get the steering in place along with peddles. Sort out the rear end for mounting the engine, I'll wait till the torque converter arrives as I may need to raise the motor mount a smidge and of course get the rear axel in and setup the brake etc etc.. All good fun.

photo 5.jpg

photo 6.jpg

photo 7.jpg

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Managed to get some more work done on the kart this weekend. I added some gussets into the rear section and welded in my seat mounts and actually got my seat installed. I've started to assemble the rear end so I can see how its going to look. I'll post some photos porbably later today. I've still go some additional gussets to weld in to reinforce a few areas.