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PROJECT - Jarrod Whiteheads Crazy Drag Mini Bike

PROJECT - Jarrod Whiteheads Crazy Drag Mini Bike

Check out what Jarrod Whitehead is building!

You can follow his ground-up build on this page as he completes it.

Here's a bit of info about Jarrod and why he built this:

What is this awesome thing you've built?
Mini dragster
Why did you decide to build this project?
For the love of building unique and fun toys for myself and friends
What is still left to do to finish it?
It only needs a rear brake line and a custom petrol tank and some paint
What are you going to do with it when it's finished?
I’ll be taking it to drag meets (8th mile) and see if there’s any interest in starting a mini bike class of racing
Why did you buy your parts from CPR?
I bought all my engine bits from cpr because iv used their parts on my go karts and the team there have never let me down with information and the best service and prices in oz.
What was the best thing about the CPR parts you used?
Iv found everything I’ve bought from cpr to be exactly what I needed and the fastest shipping iv ever had

What other motorsport stuff are you into?
Wow where do I start? First of all my whole family is into motocross which is my first love and then my dad got me into karts which is a killer sport to be involved in especially with easy to get parts from cpr , I’m also into cars I’m slowly building my 77 f100 up to be a bit of a rat rod type of Ute to carry all my toys to events and finally I’m into back yard creations such as my mini bike and a bar stool racer iv built and a few trike drifters I built a while back, basically if it’s got an engine and wows people when they see it then I’m into it.