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PaulsFace Hi there!

Welcome to our CPR Kart-beat update.

We're hitting the keyboard again to update you of our shipping schedule over the Christmas 2020 / New Year 2021 Holiday Season.

It's been an interesting year for us in 2020 - we've witnessed plenty of unusual occurences, including the COVID outbreak and the change in USA leadership which have weighed heavily on the world in terms of both trade and the general freedom of everyone on our wonderful planet.  Navigating our way through this has been tough but we're still here and have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon!

We wouldn't have been able to do this without all of our highly valued clients - if you didn't support us we simply wouldn't exist today.  We're really grateful that you have, and the best part is that our doors are open for you once again to let us help you and our new friends as we meet them.  We really appreciate the kind words we receive on a daily basis as well as the referrals that we're getting from you (thanks again - this stuff is not forgotten!).  We're proud to be running a company that has such a great reputation as an honest and reliable outlet and we are thrilled to be able to keep showing that we're prepared to go above and beyond whenever we can to help you. 

Of course, after working hard all year, we all deserve a short break to provide us with some time-out to enjoy with family and friends.  While I'm sure all of our gatherings won't be quite as 'grand' as in previous years, I'm sure we will all spend some refreshing downtime with our close family and friends in a responsible way this year.

We'll be sending the last orders for 2020 out on Tuesday 22nd December 2020.  Please check in with us if you need your items before Christmas as you will likely need to order them earlier than usual.  Couriers are not fully coping with the delivery demands due to such a large change in behaviour from consumers - ordering so much more stuff online rather than venturing out into the shops.  So bear this in mind when you're ordering your parts this year and allow some extra time (order your parts a bit earlier) for the couriers to deliver.

Phone support will finish on Thursday 17th December 2020 - we don't offer phone support on Fridays, and we've decided that instead of closing the following week we would allow anyone needing stuff urgently before Christmas to place orders over the weekend and/or on Monday/Tuesday and we'll ship those out.  All communication on the 18th, 21st and 22nd December will be via email.  You can find our email details on our website under the CONTACT US section or click the picture of me at the top left of the website to bring up all of our details and a form to use to email us.

We'll be closed from 2pm on the Tuesday 22nd December and we'll disable the checkout at this point so it will not be possible to order until we re-enable the checkout on Friday night on the 1st January 2021.  You'll be able to place orders from then on and all orders placed from 1st January 2021 will be dispatched on the Monday 4th January 2021 when we return with full phone support.

Remember, the checkout will be disabled from 2pm Tuesday 22nd December 2020  This means if you're going to need any parts during our closure period, jump on our site and make sure you order before 2pm Tuesday 22nd December 2020 so that they ship out to you.



WHEN ARE WE CLOSED? From 2pm Tuesday 22nd December though to Sunday 3 January 2021.  (Note: Phone support will be unavailable from Friday 18th December until Monday January 4th 2021)

WHY ARE WE CLOSED?  Christmas and New Year break.

Thanks for being patient with us while we rest, and we'll be looking forward to coming back to help you once we return from our Holiday!



HOW WILL THIS AFFECT NEW ORDERS?  During this time, we'll be disabling the checkout so you won't be able to make any purchases.  We're doing this so that we don't let anyone down if anyone overlooks our store closure and is needing parts in hurry.  This means if you're going to need any parts during our closure period, jump on our site and make sure you order before 2pm Tuesday 22nd December 2020 so that they ship out to you.


If you prefer not to receive these emails, click the unsubscribe link at the top or bottom of this email - and if you want to keep receiving our emails then you don't need to do anything at all! Just sit back and check out the fun each week!

Oh, and don't forget to jump online and check out our store to make sure you've got everything you need to maintain your kart or complete your project this weekend!



(All Green & Blue days are shipping days)










Have you got a project you've completed using some CPR parts that you'd like to show the CPR Kart Parts community?

Email your project to [email protected]

along with a quick write-up of what you've done and why and we'll try to feature it in our future newsletters.


And remember, we're here to help you get out there racing!

You can always be sure your items will leave the same day you order as long as you've made payment by 2pm that day. Sure, it's a big claim, but I know shopping online is all about getting it before the weekend race day, and that's why I'm absolutely dedicated to getting our gear out the same day you order. I believe so strongly that this is a critical component of our business that I've devoted the last two hours of the day to ensuring just that. Don't be surprised if I can't get to the phone during these times as we're probably flat out! Just leave me a message and I'll call you back asap.

I know if you've bought from us before, you've had a great experience. Nothing's changed with our focus - we still want to help the average Australian race, but we're expanding our range every day so I'd love for you to check out our latest website updates and see if we can help you again, today. Go on, visit our store at www.CutPriceRacing.com.au - I mean, surely you've got a couple of minutes for fun?



Paul Jones
Managing Director