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GUIDE - PRD RK100 Electric Start Wiring Installation

GUIDE - PRD RK100 Electric Start Wiring Installation


At first glance, the nest of wires may seem overwhelming, but on closer inspection, a lot of the wire connections are unused. 

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are replacing a KT100S with this engine, do not re-use your TCI unit - it is not required for this engine.

The first step is to wire the engine side of the harness.  This side has 3 connections at one end - a large 6mm ID earth flat washer-style connector, a flat spade connector with a screw iinstalled, and a bullet connector.  

Here is the finished product: 


1. Insert the bullet connector into the twin bullet connector fitting which is attached to the coil.  It does not matter which side you use of the coil side female connector. 


Undo the screw in the gold spade connector and place it over the spade receiver on the starter motor as shown below, then insert and tighten the screw firmly.  You can then slide the rubber grommet over the top of the connector.

Connect the round washer-style connector to the body of the engine by removing the lower 6mm bolt/screw from the starter motor and then inserting the bolt through the round-washer-style connector and re-tighten firmly. 


On the other harness, locate the two red and black thick leads with screw terminals.  Connect the red one to the red side (or positive +) side of the battery.  Conect the black sone to the black side (or negative - ) side of the battery.





Connect the two red circular washer-style connectors near the battery connectors to the supplied power/kill switch



Connect the two harnesses together as shown below and click them fully in all the way.

You're now good to go!