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STACPK stub axle project kit

STACPK stub axle project kit

STACPK stub axle project kit
I purchased these stub axles for a slow going project.

i have yet to used them but am very happy with the build quality of them.
they are 17mm shafts which is perfect for using Kart wheels on your project.
Kingpins are 8mm. this might be fine for on-road Karts, but might be an isssue for dirt Karts or project builds, especially if you hit some rough stuff.

i feel the 8mm kingpins and bearings might need to be replaced for 12mm kingpins and bronze bush bearings for any off-road use.
people bend 17mm stubs in accidents, so an 8mm kingpin would just snap.

otherwise, this kit is fantastic. left and right stub, nyloc nuts, wheel spacers and the "C" brakets ready to weld on are all included.

i will return to update this review once the stubs are welded in place and i have the Mower sitting on 4 wheels.


Re: STACPK stub axle project kit
I have found that SKF do a roller ball bearing 61901-2z. the specs are 12mm ID x 24mmOD x 6mmW.
as the "C" brackets have 12mm holes for the kingpin, this would be the best upgrade option but you will have to have the bearing socket on the stub axle machined out to 24mm.

you can get a 6900zz bearing that is 10mmID x 22mmOD x 6mmW that will go straight in and give you a 10mm kingpin.
A bit stronger, but will require the "C" brackets to be modified or the reducers changed from 12mm ---> 8mm to 10mm ones.