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3 Wheel Steer AIRKART by Pete Dasey

3 Wheel Steer AIRKART by Pete Dasey

3 Wheel Steer AIRKART by Pete Dasey

The AirKart.

As a private pilot for some 45yrs, and retired engineer, I have heavily modified this old Kart to operate and be controlled as per the control inputs of an aircraft. Building with ongoing design took about a month.

The Kart has both steerable front , and rear drive wheels. The rear drive wheel/s is two standard wheels placed together as a 'duel' on the axle in the centre of the Kart, so the unit is basically a three wheeler. Motor only 6.5hp but goes great.
The control column, moved to the left or right, turns the front wheels to give a mild left or right turn as would the ailerons of an airplane.

The foot pedals turn the steerable rear drive wheels as per the rudder of an aircraft.

A left pedal pressed forward at the same time as a left control stick input produces a much increased turn rate and with full input the AirKart will do a 360 in twice its own length!

Cross the controls, left stick & right pedal (rudder), and the Kart will crab to the left, right stick & left pedal (rudder) gives right crabbing. This emulates a sideslip in an aircraft. Very maneuverable indeed!

Throttle is opened by pushing the stick forward, more push = more speed, to 50>60K/h.

The hydraulic disc brake, (from CutPrice Racing) is applied by pulling back on stick, more back = heavier braking. A simple kill switch is placed on the frame below the right seat thigh.

All in all a real fun machine to drive / fly as many of my flying, gliding mates will attest to!
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Re: 3 Wheel Steer AIRKART by Pete Dasey


This is easily the most innovative kart I've ever seen. The quality of your build is impressive.

Re: 3 Wheel Steer AIRKART by Pete Dasey

Very cool :)