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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy from CPR Kart Parts?

We're local and fast
We ship same day out of Brisbane if paid before 1pm on our working days.
You can call us on your phone.
We can solve issues over the phone, or email, quickly for you.

We're Australian Owned and Operated
We put our profits back into the Australian economy and help keep Australian 4-stroke race tracks open.
Every year we donate to 4-stroke family focussed karting clubs and keep them operating so you have somewhere to race.

We're in it for the long-run
We put reliability and repairability at the top of our priority list.
We keep only parts that are high quality and reliable.
We keep parts for everything we sell so you can repair it.
Our house brand parts generally don't change design, so spare parts are available for longer - often decades!

We care that you come back again
We always do what we say we will do.
We put care into making sure your gear arrives safely.
If we mess up, we fix it.


I haven't received my parcel yet.

Have you received an email from us with a tax invoice? If you haven't received a tax invoice then it's possible your order may not have completed - all orders will email a tax invoice upon completion, unless you have typed your email address in incorrectly. We always recommend creating an account and logging in when placing orders to avoid confusion. Check your payment method to ensure the payment has completed - if you paid by paypal the payment will show in your paypal account in your transaction list, if you paid by credit card or bank transfer you'll be able to check your credit card transactions when logged into your online banking system.  If your payment hasn't gone through, we recommend re-ordering your parts.  If you're still not sure, feel free to contact us using the details on our CONTACT US page.

Have you received an email from us with a 'delivery update" or a text message saying the goods have been sent? We always send an email and a text message (if you've provided a mobile number on your order - we recommend doing so with every order or adding one to your account address book) and if there is a tracking number associated with the order you will receive that in both communications. If there is no tracking number, your order was likely sent in a letter - allow a few extra days for this service - you can learn more about our shipping times by visiting our SHIPPING INFO page.  If you have received a tracking number, simply google the courier the tracking number is assoicated with (we'll tell you in the email and/or text) or click the link in the email.  This will show you where your parcel is.  If the tracking number doesn't show enough information it's best to call the courier (their number will be on the website you are tracking your parcel on) to ask as we don't have access to any more information than you do, and the couriers usually need to speak to the receiver to confirm details in order to do anything with the shipment.


I can't log into my account.

You have failed to login successfully. This could be due to bad Email or Password. Double check any spelling and/or spaces or dots or other weird characters in your email.  Never copy/paste email addresses as the copy/paste function can include characters you can't actually see and these can cause an error.  Always clear the field completely and type your email address in manually.  If the field auto-completes, delete the autocomplete and re-enter the email manually in case there is an error in the autocomplete.  If your email is correct and your password is incorrect, you can click the "Forgot Password" link on the home page or CLICK HERE to have the system resend a reset link so you can enter a new password.  If you are still having problems with a correct email and password, try clearing your browser's cookies - you'll be amazed how many times this works.


How do i know if an item is in stock?

If you can buy it, it's in stock. If an item is not in stock, it will say "Out Of Stock" and you won't be able to add it to your cart.


Where is CPR Kart Parts located?

Our warehouse is in Brisbane Queensland. All items are shipped from our Brisbane warehouse the same day if paid by 1pm Brisbane time.  Generally it's super quick to get your parcels down the east coast.


How long will it take to get my order?

We ship items same day if paid before 1pm Brisbane time.  You can learn more about time to receive goods by visiting our SHIPPING INFO page.