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AXCC408G Gold 40mm rear axle kit

AXCC408G Gold 40mm rear axle kit

AXCC408G Gold 40mm rear axle kit
I purchased this kit as it was quite simply the best value for money I could find. After receiving it, I was impressed with all the anodise parts.

The bearing holders were very nice, the break and sprocket bubs are also very nice. I purchased it with the standard disk break. It work very well for my purposes. (our Kart is not for racing... it's only for recreation)

The bearings were a little sticky when I first got them, but after running them for 30 mins, they are free flowing and I'm very happy.

The hubs have wheel studs that see, to to come out if\when you undo the wheels nuts, I understand that this is the same with higher spec Karts as well, however I resolved this by added a small amount of liquid nails when screwing them back in as I wanted to stay in permanently.

I also received a split sprocket which I find to be very convenient. I'm running a 35mm pitch chain and sprocket.

The 40mm axle is not quite the same as the axles from higher end Kart shops, it just looks like different steel... not sure why.

It came with all the nuts and bolts... It also came with the really cool looking anodised cup washers. These really make the Kart look refined and finished.

All in all for project Karts I'm very pleased with this kit.