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$49 Flee Market Kart

$49 Flee Market Kart

$49 Flee Market Kart

My son and myself were at a flee market six months ago and we bought this for $49 as a project to work on together.


It had an old victa motor and was a one wheel peel type drive.
I have always had motorbikes and raced them but never a go kart. I once road a honda odesey when i was about 10, and can remember that aluminium steering wheel... but santa never delivered.

Grabed a used pump motor GC135 off ebay for $100. Which is an unusually motor as the cylinder is vertical compared to the GX models. Also has a different throttle linkage which made it tricky, but used the throttle/clutch kit from CPR.

I used a cable break, which is basic and low maintenance, works really well and is simple without fluids etc. Cable sheeth is not that long but the cable itself it quite long so the sheet has to be mounted further back.

The motor already had a sliding mechanism, to utilise this a needed keyways in specific positions. I got some 25mm bar and had a keyway machined in it. Then grabbed the shaftless kit (with pillow blocks) and mounted a couple of plates at the back.


Picked up a couple of used jr rims from a daytona type kart hire track around the corner and all works well.


Anyway I could not of done this build without the help from Paul. I would have purchased a couple of hunder dollars of parts off him but he gave me a couple of hours advice for nothing. You dont get that in any stores these days let alone online stores. I would reccomment his products and advice to anyone.