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PROJECT - VIDEO SERIES Geoff's 1/2 Scale Lotus 7

PROJECT - VIDEO SERIES Geoff's 1/2 Scale Lotus 7

You've seen that dream car - the deep gloss paint glistening in the sun, beckoning you closer to touch it's smooth surface - to open it's door, jump into the driver's seat and turn that key (or press that button if your dream is a bit more modern).  And then the reality hit's - it's not yours - and worse still, you can't afford it.  It's the reality most of us motor enthusiasts suffer on a a daily basis.  BUT WHAT IF YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO JUST DREAM?

That's when Geoff decided it was time to change the rules.  Affordability didn't have to get in the way of his dream!  He chose to build his own - a 1/2 scale version of a Lotus 7.  BRILLIANT!  We agree! Thinking outside the box or square or circle is what Geoff is also talented at, and because his project is going to be just as much fun, he's decided to take us all along for the ride!  Thanks Geoff!

This is Geoff's thread.  Using CPR Kart Parts components, Geoff willl build his very own 1/2 scale Lotus 7.  Keep an eye on this thread AND subscribe to his youtube channel to keep updated!  We'll also be sharing his videos on our facebook page.

Want to know more about Geoff?  Here's a bit of a run-down on the man behind all the fun:

What is this awesome thing you've built?
1/2 scale lotus 7
Why did you decide to build this project?
Thought it would be cool and cant afford to build a full size one YET...
What is still left to do to finish it?
Lots of little things then body wotk.
What are you going to do with it when it's finished?
Glorious drifts using a pair of cpr drift rings and maybe even get it on a gokart track
Why did you buy your parts from CPR?
Good quality parts at an affordable price 
What was the best thing about the CPR parts you used?
I cant fault them. The machining and finish is perfect
What other motorsport stuff are you into?
I build custom cars not necessarily race cars but they can go fast