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Hand Control Kit for the Disabled Kart Racer

Hand Control Kit for the Disabled Kart Racer

Hand Control Kit for the Disabled Kart Racer

Project Purpose:
In my senior studies of High School, I enrolled in subject called "Design and Technology". In the final project, you are given 1 year to design, manufacture and test a solution to any identified need that was found in research. For me, my interest was in motorsport and also helping others, so I sought out to improve the accessibility of kart racing to those who have limited or no function in either both legs or one leg and one arm. Another key purpose of my project was to break down the social stigma that has limited the handicapped, and by involving them in a sport; it would help with their inclusion into a society of likeminded people.

Project Description:
A key aspect of my project was to design it to work as an add on 'kit' that could be universal. The kit bolts on to most classes of 2-stroke karts and clamps onto the steering column. In most cases a longer throttle cable and cable to the master cylinder is required. The kit is designed symmetrically, so a driver with only function in his right hand can put the brake or the throttle on his right hand and the other control at his feet.
The other aspect of the project was to have a platform to which the hand controls could be tested and displayed to the markers. Without the budget to buy new chassis, I went about restoring an AX6 Arrow chassis to look as a modern kart. (See attached photo and the video to see it in its completed state).

Project Components:
The majority of parts in the handle controls were machined and constructed by myself. The majority of structural components that could possibly have a bending moment acting on it are stainless steel. Aluminium, brass and steel were both used in the pivot design. Parts bought off the shelf for the hand control system were scarce and only included the cables, their clamps and a centre bolt through the pivot and retention torsion springs.
In the restoration of the kart a lot more 'off the shelf' parts were used due to Australian Karting Confederation rules regarding custom parts.

Customisation of Parts:
Little customisation of parts was done on this project as many components were made from scratch. The only customisation was an extended master cylinder arm for greater purchase, and a different throttle cable securing method.

Additional Information:
Part of my project was to also create a fictious branding. From this stimulus I created GripGO Racing, of which an advert and the kart running can be seen here ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JI1TBTsoFGQ )
I recently also found out that the mark for this project, combined with my HSC exam mark, placed me 2nd in the state for this subject. For those reading from Sydney, the project will also be displayed as part of the 'DesignTECH' exhibition in PowerHouse museum. It will be there for a couple of months before touring regional NSW from mid-May to late August.
I apologise for the low quality images, the restiriction for file size is quite low.

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That's an excellent bit of engineering Jaden. We'll done and congratulations on your placing.