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JJOOEE's Custom Slider trike!

JJOOEE's Custom Slider trike!

JJOOEE's Custom Slider trike!


Hi all, My names Joseph, Im 18 and live in QLD. Ever since I’ve known myself I’ve been pulling things apart and putting them back together (most of the time). So here is a little background info on what the purpose of this build is and what it will be used for :D! About 6 months ago a friend was selling a stock Huffy slider to which once I rode it I knew this sport called “sliding” was for me. I bought it and pimped it up with the best parts I could get my hands on (at the time) starting with my best mod a custom solid axle milled down to accept front gokart rims! After a while of sliding down hills and smashing into things, breaking (thankfully not myself haha) and fixing all my “drift” damage :DI’ve decided that it’s time to take the Slider to the unthinkable. 



This project is also kinda inspired off my car I have been modifying it for the last year to be the way I want. I have gone for a stance look because its not something you see every day along with a slider with neon lights sliding down a hill sideways!. Im very unique and like doing the unthinkable so this slider project should and will be awesome :D 


My Main focus is to build an very unique electric or petrol motor slider just due to where I live there arent hardly any hills. Ill be building a tube frame with many supports so when the time comes I just need to add a motor bracket, chain, sprocket and fuel! The Main head tube will be adjustable for larger people along with a medium large CPR seat which should accommodate everyone! Im also planning on buying another set of 210mm wide rear gokart rims and only run rear kart tyres on them so I can take down really big hills and have the grip of slicks behind me! 
Okay enough I think you get the picture here’s what ive done so far :D

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Reccived all my goodies from Paul with in 2days! woahhH! so much awesome quality gear! 


CPR disk and 4 pot Brembo caliiper, why? because race trike XD 


Test fit all the gear together, all the keyways are perfect! the layot is awesome! axle will be cut down tomorrow. 


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Done a bit of wielding, thicker pipes for main chassis and thinner for supports! This thing is going to be awesome one day with a motor! power to weight ratio will be crazy! 

some more Wielding