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PROJECT - Travers Wakeboard Winch

PROJECT - Travers Wakeboard Winch

And now for something a little different....


When Travers sought to build his incredibly awesome wakeboard winch, he found CPR to help solve his transmission issues - and with a brand new CPR axle kit, torque converter, and some gearing he's built the envy of his watersport mates!  

Sporting some nifty design work, this high quality wake winch setup not only looks brilliant, but with some tweaking of the gear ratio, ensures that every rider has maximum fun!  And they don't need to worry about that ever stopping because his CPR components ensure over-engineered reliablity that can't be matched.

So if you're ever stopping around Traver's way - pack your speedos and a whole lot of courage and give him a holla - i'm sure if you can wrestle that bar from his hands you'll have the time of your life!

Well done Travers - it's great to see you guys enjoying our product!  Thanks so much for your support!