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PROJECT - Craig Bearmans Full Body Mini-Car

PROJECT - Craig Bearmans Full Body Mini-Car

Have you ever seen something sitting around and immediately had a lightbulb moment "ah!  yes - that would be fantastic if I did XYZ with it!" - we hear you!  And so does Craig Bearman - just look at this incredible machine he's currently building.

When Craig, bouncing back from a stroke (you can learn more about his ongoing battle on his facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/craigandfranca/, saw this car from a merry-go-round he couldn't help but "Hot-Rod" it - with plans to shoehorn a massive 17hp petrol engine into where the original 50cc whipper snipper motor sat, this could just about the be scariest ride you're likely to ever come into contact with - and if you're offered a drive when Craig's finished, we'd certainly recommend wearing your brownest set of underwear!

Oh, and did we mention he's going to Turbo charge it?! 

Want to know more about the man who is making this dream a reality?  Read-on friends, here's a run down on the fellow behind this brilliant idea.


What is this awesome thing you've built?
It's a little fiberglass car that originally came off an old merry go round, it did have a 50cc whipper snipper engine, it's soon too have a 300cc 17hp heart transplant
Why did you decide to build this project?
It's something different. 
What is still left to do to finish it?
Fit the body to the new off road frame, hook up the pedals Axel, hydrolic brakes, fuel cell, fit engine
What are you going to do with it when it's finished?
Take [it] to some car shows, maybe race it at a kart track if allowed
Why did you buy your parts from CPR?
Great prices, very helpful staff, fast freight
What was the best thing about the CPR parts you used?
Top quality
What other motorsport stuff are you into?
Off road karting