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PROJECT Gokart resurrection

PROJECT Gokart resurrection

This is an old kart that I picked up from a mate, it was planned to run a Suzuki TS 185 motor but it was just not going to work so I have decided set up a 4 stroke clone for the kids. I think its an Arrow Chassis ?? that suits a 2 stroke engine so there will be frame modifications to run the chain and sprocket on the inside.
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The plan is to set up all the components, weld brackets were required, then strip, paint and then re assemble.

The kart came with racing wheesl and tyres and also offroad style wheels with skinny tyres (which I think will be ok for the grass paddock). The kart is intended for fun and learning to drive with the kids and who knows the interest may lead us to racing one day.

I am enjoying the rebuild, my son and nephews are excited helping along the way. The Cut Price Clone engine is aligned and fitted, next step will be rebuilding the brakes.
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Well Refirb took longer than expected but very happy with it. I found out the chassis is a John Pizzaro Sprinter which is an 80's vintage kart. Just need to find somewhere to run it!
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