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Dirt track drifter project.

Dirt track drifter project.

Dirt track drifter project.


Living on a small rual property with 3 young boys I was under preasure to get them a motorbike. But, I rode dirt bikes for years, I know what a nobby tire does to a track. We have a very deep, very wide erosion gully runs right through the middle of our property that we have put a lot of time, effort and money into to alleviate the erosion and stablise the banks. I couldn't let them loose on it. But I didn't want to deny them the fun of hooning around. So we decided on a gokart for Christmas.

I started with a JPS frame and rolling stock and modified the rear end to mount a Honda 5.5hp motor with a centifugal clutch and chain and sprocket drive. Made an adjustable seat mount and pedal extensions to accomodate the different size kids. Concidered fitting some off road tyres instead of the racing slicks but was running short of funds and decided that could wait. Got the tractor out and graded a track around the paddock {which I told the boys was a fire brake when they asked. Didn't want to spoil the surprise.}

That was in 1999. The boys and I and their friends flogged that cart around that dust bowl track right up until they left home. Never did change the tyres. The slicks drifted beautifully and the boys learnt how to control a loose vehicle by instinct. A skill that has come to their aid a couple of times when the consequenses could have been serious.

And then the kart just sat gathering even more dust. Untill.

Grand kids.

So the kart got another rebirth in 2013. Stripped down , painted, new tyres, new floor pan, new seat padding and linner. Shiney alloy and bright red with black trim. And that same old flogged hard Honda motor. And 2 new drivers with grins on their faces, waiting with their father, uncles, and grand father for their turn.

Just great fun. 3 generations. Great fun!