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V8SCOPS - 2018 Launch Press Release

V8SCOPS - 2018 Launch Press Release

Its 2018, and that means the countdown has started to the 2018 V8 Super Car Online Premier Series, V8SCOPS. 

There are a number of new challenges to be faced by all competitors for 2018 and over the coming weeks, piece by piece, we will be unveiling whats new for 2018. 

So lets start with the sponsors, 

The 2018 V8SCOPS series is proud to announce that Virtual Racing School, VRS, will be the naming rights sponsor for 2018. 

Many of you will already be familiar with VRS, but for those that aren't, this is a great tool to improve your sim racing, developed specifically for iRacing. From the most basic elements, to in depth telemetry analysis, to personalised coaching, VRS has it all and offers something for everyone wanting to be a better sim racer. The system is professionally run and designed with many top line sim racers using it, and offering their skills and time via data pack, and even coaching clinics. 

Within the V8SCOPS ranks, two time and current reigning champion, Jarrad Filsell, along with the 2016 champion, Madison Down, and top line competitor Jake Burton, all from the Trans Tasman Racing stable are ambassadors, and instructors for VRS right here in Australia, which truly is a wonderful endorsement of the talent we have, right in our own back yard. 

When asked why VRS was interested in sponsoring the 2018 season, this was their reply:- 

"V8SCOPS features Australia's best simracers and is globally one of the most professionally run simracing series. We are excited to come onboard as title sponsors for 2018 and look forward to promoting the series, as well as helping aspiring simracers climb through the ranks and compete at the highest level of Australian simracing." 
Peter Dimov -VRS CEO 

Have a look at the links below, give the Fb page a like and see how it can help you become a better sim racer. 

Complimenting VRS, will be round sponsor,CPR Kart and Sim Parts. 

Paul Jones, an avid iRacer himself best describes his business- 

"CPR Kart & Sim Parts has been supporting motor racing enthusiasts since 2005 with a range of products that enable easier entry into the traditionally expensive sport so that they can enjoy racing much sooner than expected. With same day dispatch and fast free delivery CPR is the most convenient way to buy Kart & Sim Parts no matter where you are in Australia. Impressive technological advantages over the last few years have paved the way for a highly professional online motorsport arena which provides an intensely competitive real-world alternative for drivers who prefer not to fund expensive real-world racing, or want to keep their skills in peak condition when not at the track. 

That's why in 2018 CPR Kart & Sim Parts will proudly co-sponsor the most successful online Sim Racing league, OSR, to help bring the premier online V8 Supercar series V8SCOPS to a wider audience with live youtube and facebook broadcasts by V8SONLINE. Chosen for its highly professional V8SCOPS series with incredible clean and fair racing, the league is accessible by anyone with a PC and an iRacing subscription and showcases the most talented drivers. V8SCOPS removes financial and political advantages by ensuring vehicles are 100% mechanically identical and drivers adhere to the strict race etiquette via live marshalling, adding an even more affordable level to CPR Kart & Sim Parts goal of helping motor sport enthusiasts go racing sooner. CPR Kart & Sim Parts believes that the winning combination of V8SCOPS, V8SONLINE and iRacing will be the future of affordable motorsport through its ultra-realistic motorsport simulation and a strong community of drivers including some well-known real-life V8SUPERCAR drivers. We can't wait to see you out there on the track in 2018!" 

Paul Jones- Director CPR

Of particular note, is that Paul also offers, a wide range of sim parts to the public as well. And his premisis houses several motion cockpits for hire and use, right here in Capalaba Qld. In the coming months look out for CPR specials and promotions by subscribing to their monthly news letter and new FB page coming soon. 


And finally, we welcome the return of West End Mazda for a full season of very specialised sponsorship. 


After sponsoring a round of the 2017 V8SCOPS series, West End Mazda are back on board for a full season with some specific goals in mind. Being the global #1 dealer, West End Mazda looked towards V8SCOPS for something more than just an outlet for marketing and advertising, and through negotiation, come up with a series of competitor and team prizes that reflect excellence with in the series on a number of levels. To that end, Jamie released this statment, on West End Mazda's involvement with the 2018 V8SCOPS series- 

"West End Mazda recognises the value of competition in the motor sport industry and understands the value of sponsorship as an effective marketing tool. It is only natural to extend that into the cyber world with the growing recognition that iRacing is more than "just another game in the market". For this reason we are proud to be a part of the 2018 V8 SCOPS championship, which we feel reflects the core values of West End Mazda, within the motorsport industry. We look forward to being a part of the best online supercar championship and promoting a host of special awards within the 2018 SCOPS season that reflect our core values of competition, marketing, sportsmanship and presentation. So keep an eye out for future updates on how you can be a part of the West End Mazda competitor awards throughout the season". 

- Jamie McKnight WEM- dealer principal

We certainly think the competitions will add a new element to the 2018 season, and look forward to telling you all about them in future updates... In the meantime take a look at the links below, like the FB pages and feel free to drop a few guesses at what you think the competitions might be... 

So there you have it, 3 great companies eagerly awaiting the start of the 2018 V8SCOPS championship. 
We look forward to pulling back the covers a little more next week on the calendar, competitions and maybe a few more goodies, in what promises to be a very exciting year indeed... 

So, How many days until race time, click the link below to find out  

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