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V8SCOPS - 2017 Information



The V8 Supercar Online Premier Series (V8SCOPS) was created in 2014 to give a new premier feel for our fantastic V8 Supercar series. With longer races, Live Marshaling, One Qualifier and a chance for any driver to enter the series, we have the aim of providing the most realistic V8 Supercar Experience from your sim rig. After tremendous battles in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, we look forward to more of the same in 2017. 

The upcoming series will be battled over 15 rounds throughout 2017. This series will be run by the team at OSR, in conjunction with the outstanding crew at v8sonline, as well as other valued V8 series members. 

The year will be a little different, with no entry fee required for existing league members, thanks to help from various teams, individuals and companies in the community, so please show you support for them during the season and beyond. 

The series will be run using a pre-qualifying (Pre-Qual) method. All prospective drivers will have to participate in a pre-qualifying run, on either Thursday, Friday or Saturday, to attempt to make the grid for Sunday’s main event. This will be run as a Qualifying session, so standard qualifying rules apply in regards to incidents. 

Race Night will be Sunday evenings, with breaks differing between 2 and 5 weeks, to ensure there is limited clashes with other events (both sim, and real world). Formats will be different for each week, so make sure you carefully read the pre-race notes on the forum. 

One of the most exciting and differentiating factors of race night includes the No “Esc” button rule. While in qualifying, after completing your fast lap, you must drive back to the pits and then can make setup adjustments etc. If you crash in qualifying and can not return to the pits, you will be unable to continue in the qualifying session and have your best time removed (Same as the red flag rules in V8SC). Poor driving in qualifying may also result in grid penalties if there is impeding on other drivers. 

The No-Escape rule will again apply to the top split qualifying and races. Drivers will have to remain in their cars until race control advise it is safe to do so, or penalties will be involved. 

This season we will also incorporate a license system, with a set number of starting points (100), that will start at zero, and as you receive various penalties, points will be added to you license, reaching 100 will incur a one round ban. You can gain some points back by having a clean weekend. 

The race will have live marshaling, with the possibility to force limited fuel, to ensure pit stops. Marshall's will be able to issue black flags to drivers for indiscretions including exceeding track limits, poor driving or any other breach of standard racing rules. Marshall's also have the ability to enforce post race points penalties, or carry over grid penalties. 

Weather for all Pre-Qual/Qualifying/Races will be “Dynamic,” however the Pre-Qual sessions will all have the same weather throughout the week. 

Once again we'll be broadcasting the second split, as well as Super Cup support races, again thanks to V8sonline. 

Drivers are also to pick their own driver number, and use the correct number in each session. This it also help with broadcasts and admins ensuring they are correctly identifying drivers. There will be penalties handed out this season for failure to use correct car numbers. The top 40 in the championship have had their car numbers reserved from the 2016 season. 

Both the race night Qualifying and Race sessions will be broadcast, Live and Exclusive on www.v8sonline.com in High Definition, and below is a link to a folder where you can upload your skins. 

Round 1 of the 2017 season will be at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on Sunday the 19th of March (Pre-Qual commences on the16th of March). The 2017 calendar is below, along with a link to the V8SCOPS operations manual. 

V8SCOPS LEAGUE REGISTRATION : http://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3528412.page 

V8SCOPS SKINS : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2-ooorT_G2nR2JpMDh3OU45RDA 

The full V8SCOPS opps manual (iRacing Membership Required for this link)....