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Complete 40mm Axle Kit 8mm Keyway Blue PROJECT series with Pillow Blocks

Complete 40mm Axle Kit 8mm Keyway Blue PROJECT series with Pillow Blocks

Premium CPR Performance Billet Alloy Hubs designed for racing purposes.  CPR Precision Race Go Kart Components offer unbeatable value and dependable durability with a design and finish to impress even the fussiest race karters.

CPR Race Axle Assemblies have been crafted to suit high horsepower, high G-Force racing - both dirt and bitumen.  Our kits are the perfect replacement for damaged or worn rear axle assemblies, or to upgrade an older or smaller setup to meet modern demands.
Not only are CPR Race Axle Assemblies high quality, but they also represent outstanding value for money.  When you replace or add a CPR kit, you'll have access to replacement parts at unbeatable value into the future. 


INCLUDES Pillow Blocks so that you can get your project up and running quicker and easier!  


COMPLETE 40mm AXLE ASSEMBLY.  EVERYTHING you need to bolt-on and go - including ALL the nuts and bolts WITH ANODISED COUNTERSUNK WASHERS! 


CPR Products represent premium value for money. CPR components are manufactured from premium Billet alloy to conform with stringent quality control designed to provide strong and safe parts for go kart racing. Look closely at the parts in the pictures and you'll notice CPR components are anodised beautifully in several impressive colours, matching compnents supplied with them (like our gorgeous anodised countersunk washers). Your kart will look awesome with a CPR part fitted, but more importantly your new CPR parts will last the distance - just like you expect.


High Quality anodised parts.

Colour: As Pictured



1x 40mm Axle Shaft

1x 40mm Anodised Brake Hub

1x Drilled Brake Disc

1x 40mm Anodised Sprocket Carrier/Hub

2x 40mm Low Friction Sealed Bearings

2x CPR Pillow Blocks

2x 40mm Anodised Wheel Hubs



ALSO INCLUDES the following nuts, bolts, and fixations:

4x Axle Keys cut to fit exact lengths of keyways

3x Bolts, washers & 2x Square Head High Tensile bolts for Brake Hub

6x ANODISED Countersunk Washers, 6x Countersunk High Tensile bolts, 6x Washers, 6x Nyloc nuts, 2x High tensile bolts for Sprocket Carrier

6x Studs, 6x Washers, 6x Nylocs, 2x High Tensile Square Head bolts for Wheel Hubs.




Axle Diameter: 40mm
Axle wall thickness: 4.5mm
Axle Length: 1047mm (~1050mm)
Keyway width: 8mm
Keyway locations:  from end to end
A = 1047mm (~1050mm)
B = ~10mm
C = ~65mm (Keyway position from end of shaft ~10mm -> ~75mm)
D = ~192mm
E = ~65mm (Keyway position from end of shaft ~267mm -> ~332mm)
F =  ~296mm
G = ~130mm (Keyway position from end of shaft ~628mm -> ~758mm)
H = ~58mm
I =  ~111mm (Keyway position from end of shaft ~816mm -> ~927mm)
J = ~46mm
K = ~65mm ( ~973mm -> ~1038mm)
L = ~10mm
Please note from batch to batch the measurements above may be slightly different.



Brake Disc Thickness @ 4.5mm

Brake Disc Diameter @ 190mm



40mm low friction free-spin bearings
Twin grub screws & locating pins



Standard 40mm Pillow Blocks (2x)



8mm Keyway

Length: 60mm

Studs, washers & nuts included - standard thread


8mm Keyway

Holes are set 67mm apart from each other and 67mm from the centre (Suit Standard 219 or 35 pitch Sprocket).


This quality part matches our other anodised items.


Designed for powered sliders and other buggies without standard carriers or where you do not wish to weld on the brackets of the self-aligning carriers and brackets.





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Bracket for Bearing Hanger Carrier suit AXCC408 Axle Kits
Bracket for Bearing Hanger Carrier suit AXCC408 Axle Kits

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