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Camshaft for Honda GX270 & Honda Clone Stage 2

Camshaft for Honda GX270 & Honda Clone Stage 2

Super High Torque, Use for small to medium tracks. best power output within the 1800-5000rpm range, 11 to 1 or higher compression ratio & single style (46lb) Springs required. DESIGNED TO GET YOU OFF THE CORNERS with no loss in low-down torque.

Ideal for stock rocker arms.
260 LIft, 246 Duration
This is the result of many R&D hours testing what the big block engines like. 

Cams is cut on a close base circle to the stock cam so the compression release is still functional.

This cam produces power from 1800-5000rpm and gives a drastic improvement throughout the entire RPM range. Recommended for Golf Carts, Mud Motors, Short Track Go-Karts, Marine and Pulling/Towing applications where a broad powerband is a needed and loss of low end is unacceptable.

This cam is easy on the valvetrain and will not "beat up" your valves or lifters. Originally designed as a "cheater" cam , its great for those who are running in a go-kart class which requires stock valve lift. Single Valve Springs Only

Valve Lash .003

Suits Honda GX200 & Honda Clone Engines.

Brand New & Unopened Condition.

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