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Go Kart SR Series 17T Clutch, G-Drive Chain and SPLIT Sprocket BUNDLE 219 Pitch BRAND NEW

Go Kart SR Series 17T Clutch, G-Drive Chain and SPLIT Sprocket BUNDLE 219 Pitch BRAND NEW


1x quality CPR G-DRIVE 219pitch chain with MASTER LINK

1x SPLIT Gold T-6061 219 Pitch

1x CPR SR (Sport Series) High-Reliability Recreational clutch with with 17T 219 Pitch drive sprocket.

Clutch is a 19mm shaft type with 5mm key - as per standard honda clone engines.

G-DRIVE 219P race kart Chains with joiners are designed to provide reliability and the ultimate convenience when running 219P on a 4-stroke engine and inboard transmission.  Just unclip the master joiner link and remove / reinstall!  SO EASY

Our CPR 219P Gold SPLIT Sprockets marry perfectly with G-DRIVE chains, offering unprecedented simplicity - no more bending and damaging sprockets or removing axles to change them!  Professionally cut and designed for easy installation without removal of the axle shaft - it's just a BREEZE!

Choose Sprocket Teeth and Chain Size by clicking "Configure" at the bottom of the listing

BRAND NEW quality CPR G-Drive Premium Race 219P chain with Revolutionary race-style Joiner Link.

See title for number of links.
Why is G-DRIVE Transmission Chain the right chain for you?
CPR G-Drive chain is a revolutionary new gold-link chain designed for optimum strength for racing while maintaining incredible convenience by employing the first race-grade joiner link available to kart racers globally.
If you're looking for a chain with maximum strength and durability, but at the same time need the convenience of a built-in joiner link for in-board use, then G-Drive chain is the perfect partner for your race kart.
G-Drive chain has been designed and manufactured to exacting standards utlising cutting edge manufacturing methods, as well as state of the art machinery to ensure the highest reliablity.
Heat treatment: G-Drive chain ensures the highest strength and reliability through the use of technically advanced heat application to provide high quality mating surfances where rollers and bushes inter-act.
Shot peened parts: All plates and rollers are shot peened to iprovide the absolute high resistance against fatigue and impact loading.
Preloading of the chain: Elongation and fatique are considerably reduced by the use of this advanced techinque.



CPR's new SR (Sport series) selects our budget components to suit recreational racing go-karts for off-road, recreation and track competition purposes. Uncompromising quality at the most affordable price.

Make no mistake though, CPR SR (Sport Series) products are premium quality.

CPR SR (Sport Series) sets the new standard for components with extremely low failure rates. We've been testing supplier products for several years and our standard clutch range has undergone a total make-over. Partnering with our most reliable supplier, we've negotiated a deal to allow us to re-brand these specialist components under the CPR name alongside our popular GT-Race series component range for the competitive racer to give them the edge.

CPR's SR Series clutches have been proven to offer the highest reliability on offer from today's manufacturers, with preimum quality components assembled to provide the absolute best clutch for your money.  If you're looking for a cheap but reliable clutch, join the growing number of happy karters who rave about CPR's SR clutches daily.    We get calls from customers all the time telling us just how good these things are, and they are often highly surprised that a clutch at this price point is so effective!

When you see the silver rings on a clutch, you'll know it's a premium CPR SR clutch - beware of cheap imitations.



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