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Enthusiast guide - Total Paint Care & Showspray

Racespray, Showspray & Total Paint Care

Enthusiast guide - Total Paint Care & Showspray

Postby cutpriceracing » Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:54 am

Enthusiast GuideYES it’s for SHOW CARS!
GLISTEN products are a dream come true for show car owners.

Specialist finish & alternative application instructions follow this information.SAFE FOR ALL PAINT TYPES!

GLISTEN Total Paint Care can be used on any paint type including CHAMELEONS, PEARLS, and ALL other SPECIALTY FINISHES without the risk of altering the finish. You’ll never polish through the clear coat with GLISTEN Total Paint Care because it contains nothing abrasive yet still polishes and out-shines other products on the market.

Ever tried clay bars? Well you’ll be pleased to know that GLISTEN Total Paint Care uses clay as an active ingredient so you’ll get the same awesome finish without all the fuss.

Want to polish your specialty finish but are worried about removing the clear coat? Check out the POLISHING section below to learn how to polish safely with GLISTEN Total Paint Care.NO MORE MESSY WHITE RESIDUE

White residue from waxes and polishes between panels, in joins, on rubbers or where you’ve simply missed a spot look terrible and are difficult to remove. GLISTEN Total Paint Care will not leave a white residue so you won’t have to worry about the bits you missed anymore.HARD WEARING PROTECTION!

Once you’ve treated your paint with GLISTEN Total Paint Care you’ll instantly feel the difference. Your paint will be super-smooth and water will bead on it every time it rains. You’ll be protected against bird droppings, tar, saps, and all kinds of other nasty stain-causing contaminants for up to 2 months if you drive the car all the time - even longer if you keep it garaged.CUT YOUR PREPERATION TIME BY HOURS!

Because there’s no need to remove old wax, wait for new wax to haze, and then use countless rags to painstakingly remove the excess, you’ll save hours waxing and get a sensational super-clean shine.YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW EASY IT IS TO USE
You’ve just gotta try it, those that have are throwing away their clumsy waxes and trading them for a quick & easy alternative. Your mates won’t believe you spent just 15 minutes detailing your car when it takes them hours with their traditional waxes and polishes.


- Concerned about the thickness of your paint?
If you are worried that you only have a small amount of paint left on the car, try polishing with GLISTEN Total Paint Care. Some stains may not be removed, but unlike cutting compound you won’t take any paint off so it’s completely safe to try.

- Want to remove stains and grime from specialty finishes?
This process can also be used with specialty finishes where clear coats are precious and where removal can affect the visual dynamics of the specialty finish.

- Want to remove JUST the oxidised portion of your paint?
You can also use the polishing process to remove oxidised paint, and the best part is that GLISTEN Total Paint Care will only remove the oxidised component of your paint, not the good condition paint beneath like cutting compounds will.

- Want to polish EDGES without removing paint?
Edges and tight curves are prone to paint removal when using cutting compounds. It’s quite easy to accidently ¡¥Go Too Far’ when using an abdrasive polish and remove paint layers or even primer. GLISTEN Total Paint Care can’t remove paint so it’s perfect for edges.

If the car is dirty, follow the standard instructions for cleaning the vehicle before using GLISTEN Total Paint Care to polish. Click the button below to go directly to the cleaning instructions.

Only perform polishing in a cool, dry, wind-free area. If the ambient temperature is high, apply to around half the quoted area below.
Mist GLISTEN Total Paint Care onto the section where polishing is to be performed. Apply to a small section at a time only. Approx. 20cm square is the about the maximum you should attempt to polish in one mist assuming the conditions are optimum (room temperature).
Spray a little more than usual to ensure enough clay particles are present.

Applying a light to medium pressure, massage the product into the panel. Once the product has dried and is glossy to view, re-apply as per step 1 until the desired result is achieved or until no improvement in the finish is seen.
You may not be able to remove some stains or grime if they have absorbed into the bonded paint.

Just want to shine her up? GLISTEN Total Paint Care will bring out a deep showroom shine and protect your car for up to 2 months. And it’s completely safe for specialty finishes and all paint types because it doesn’t penetrate the paint surface.
If you clean the vehicle using GLISTEN Total Paint Care then you’ve already performed this very important step. If you use another product to clean, or alternatively you want to add further gloss and shine to your finish, follow the steps below.
Mist-on a small 20×20cm section very sparingly. Use very little product for best results and cost-effectiveness.
Allow to haze slightly, wait a couple of seconds.
Buff quickly and watch your finish shine brightly.
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Re: Enthusiast guide - Total Paint Care & Showspray

Postby cutpriceracing » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:32 am

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